As I begin my Saturday morning run I begin to ponder all of the past weeks successes and what the future weeks have in store for me.  At about mile 3 I begin to feel tired and want to stop, but say to myself, “I am not at my goal for the day”.  Its at this very moment I begin to process the last few weeks and how I have thought about giving up on my goal of making my business a success.

As I continue to run, I continue to tell myself “you can do this, keep pushing”. Why is it that I can push myself this hard to run but I cannot find sometimes the fight to reach my goals?  It’s so easy to lose the fight and throw in the towel, but I must keep running.  I must achieve my goals because if I don’t then what am I running for?

As humans we lose sight sometimes of our goals and we just give up when we are so close, because well that’s just easier than the alternative; failure.  Failure in my book happens often but we must learn from it and try again or at least that is what I am trying to instill into my children, but how can I preach this to them if I myself am not living it.

Achieving greatness does not come easy.  One must work hard and never let anything get in the way.  Easier said than done sometimes.  But if you just listen to your heart not your mind and push to the very end even if it hurts goals will be achieved and success will make you proud.

When I finally reached my goal for the day, out of breath and totally ready to be done.  I smiled because I pushed through and I achieved this goal for the day.  And I will also continue to push through to make my business a success.

SO next time you feel like giving up on your goals just keep running towards them!