Another one will open….

As I begin packing up my office from a job I have decided to leave after 6 plus years I am overwhelmed with thoughts.  This decision to leave is bittersweet, I am not one to leave a job without a plan or take chances, but here I am leaving, this is officially my last day!!

I hold it together, keep my cool because I can do this I can take a chance and I can for once in my life take sometime to just figure things out, but as I am closing the door to my office for the last time, tears swell my eyes because this chapter of my life is literally closing as I walk out of this door.

And that is when it hits me…img_3447

as I close this door a new one will open and at that very moment I smile and realize that the future holds so much for me and I cannot wait to go get it.

For all of you out there that struggle with closing those doors, I say close them because another one will always open.  It may not be overnight but it will happen you just have to take a chance and have faith.