So several weeks ago I was in search for the perfect cake recipe… I love a nice rich, soft and delicious cake.  I have tried so many recipes and its hard to find that perfect one so I set out on a mission to find the right ingredients for the job – I tried several different combinations – butter, milk and sour cream – sour cream and milk – butter and sour cream….Vinegar is also in the recipe to help react with the baking soda and my favorite… cake flour.  See below the difference and the reaction I got out of the kids and husband….

Below was sour cream, butter and milk – this was bland and had very little color – this one did not get ate – kids said it was gross, haha!

image2 (1)

Below is sour cream and milk – as you can see it fell short in the middle and was not very good – dense and thick


Below….The cake was delicious – the butter gave it a moist and soft texture and for sure was a winner! (this one had more butter than anything I reduced the milk and added sour cream) – no need to look any more I found the one I will be using from now on..