How do I find balance?

As I lie in bed at 3am  worrying about all that needs to be done I realize that I am struggling with just that, finding balance.  How can I juggle a full-time job, a family of 6, a new business, bills and time to unwind when there is so much to do?  And it hit me this weekend as I watch my kiddos play on the floor; its not always about the right balance, its about finding the time to do the things that are important to you.

Make a list of things that needs to be done, pay bills once a week (in my case don’t forget to pay them :)) Make sure you don’t miss the great moments, like your infant crawling for the first time, kiss your husband good-night and of course make time for yourself, even if its only a 20 minute run a morning.  Set realistic goals for your new business and stop comparing yourself to those people who have been doing this for years and put your best foot forward at your 9-5 because one day your dream of running a successful business will be reality!

Most of all when you are awake at 3am stop worrying because sleep is a must and there is always tomorrow.