How do I find balance?As I lie in bed at 3am  worrying about all that needs to be done I realize that I am struggling with just that, finding balance.  How can I juggle a full-time job, a family of 6, a new business, bills and time to unwind when there is so much to do?  And it hit me this weekend as I watch my kiddos ... read more

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We Will Miss You…

You always hear people say that friends will come and go but family is forever, but what about those friends that feel like family? We want to wish our friends Billy, Kali, Willy and Aspen the very, very best on their next journey. We have spent the last three years getting to know these most amazing people and they started as friends ... read more

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End of Summer Party

What a better way to close out summer than with an end of summer BBQ?? That's what we did on Saturday October 17th with some of our closest friends and family. Interestingly enough we got snow and hail at this end of summer party so that means summer is really over but we can look forward to fall foods, Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas traditions.  The ... read more

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Bridal Shower

This year my brother married his best friend and love of his life. I was thrilled to throw her bridal shower. I hired a close friend to come to my house and offer massages and stuck to a very rustic theme. I printed pictures of the cute couple and displayed them with small clothes pins on old wooden closet doors and passed around a "words ... read more

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Happy 8th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated my best friends sons 8th birthday. I helped with the planning and made his nerf inspired caked below. It was a white, blue and orange cake with licorice and dot bullets. Happy Birthday Willy, hope your day was amazing.

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Montana turns 6!

My baby girl turned 6 in June and ever girl in the world wants a Frozen birthday cake right? So that's what she got. We usually celebrate with a birthday party but this year we went camping instead. Below is the beautiful cake I made for my angel.    

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Graduation Party

Totally took over the plans for my sisters graduation party. She is an amazing person and loved being able to be part of this event. We went with a country theme with burlap and mason jars and of course sunflowers. The cake was a fondant covered vanilla almond cake that I also made for my sweet baby sister. Love you girl hope this day was ... read more

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So it's been a few weeks since I began this new venture and last week I was feeling very optimistic about it all and today not so much. I managed a baby shower cake over the weekend and several conversations about Nina's Event Planning - I may have a birthday party I am helping with and my moms wedding so for two weeks in I ... read more

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Hello world!

Welcome! First let me start with an introduction. My name is Christina Smith, I live in Londonderry VT with my amazing husband and three wonderful children. I enjoy running, reading, camping, kayaking and swimming. I have been in the financial planning industry for 6+ years and I recently had an a ha moment that I need to follow a passion of mine, which is ... read more

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