This past weekend was full of celebration….

Early surprises for Montana who turns 8 this coming weekend, a baseball BBQ to end Flood Brooks great season, Father’s Day of Course, but my personal favorite, my hubby and I celebrated 11 wonderful years of marriage.

We went back to it all started and bought grinders at Clark’s and went 4-wheeling to an amazing place where we had a picnic dinner together.  It would not have been fun without my camera of course.  Before we left the house we drew a card out of our date night jar and it was ” take 25 SELFIES”!!! Which we both hate (below will show why), but we rolled with it and had an amazing time reminiscing on our journey to NOW.  I always tell him “Even if we had never met I would still love him.” From a movie I know but totally the truth.  He is my everything and I don’t know where I would be without him.  HAPPY 11 Years!!! To those of you out there still happily in love – congratulations – its not always easy but its always worth the fight.