As life travels along and the kids get older you start to think where has the time gone? How did they get this big; in what seems like a blink of an eye.  When they were little and they would have sleepless nights I would think it will only last a little bit and then they will sleep though the night – is this where I started wishing the time away?

As parents we are continuously moving – As I left the house this morning I realized that there is absolutely no extra time in the next 2 weeks, between sports, appointments, extra stuff in the schedule, skiing, and sleep we are MAXED. Maybe this is where the time goes, HAHA! BUSY this is the word all of us know so well.  I cannot even clear my mind lately for a 3 minute yoga practice, because I have to make sure the next 3 minutes are taken care of.

The weekends sometimes are the time we can spend some time as a family, because family matters.

St. Patrick’s Day we were ALL together ALL 6 of us – we went bowling which was so much fun because we were the only people in the ally.  We also went swimming which was a nice stress reliever. And our oldest got his PERMIT – his PERMIT!!! We then got pizza and ate dinner in front of the TV which never happens.  These are my favorite times that just seem to not happen often as we are always in so many different directions.

Saturday we took our Family Lego creation to the Lego contest in Chester and WON first place in our category!! Landon was so happy I haven’t seen him smile so big ever 🙂

We ended the weekend with a nice snowshoe at Lowell Lake whileenjoying the beautiful Spring weather.  And baking a cake together.

This is why family matters, because even when we are busy and cannot always find time for one another when it matters we are there.  WE can slow down and enjoy the present and have a non-busy weekend. HAHA – If this is what you would call non-busy, I will take it 🙂