Welcome! First let me start with an introduction. My name is Christina Smith, I live in Londonderry VT with my amazing husband and three wonderful children. I enjoy running, reading, camping, kayaking and swimming. I have been in the financial planning industry for 6+ years and I recently had an a ha moment that I need to follow a passion of mine, which is event planning. I love to organize, plan and overthink. Weddings are my all time favorite, because its two people coming together as one. All you need in this world is love and laughter and why would I not want to be a part of someones big day.

I have to admit that I am new to this world of blogging and website design, but have a degree in business management and have been helping my husband grow his business for the last several years, so to say I am excited to get this thing off and running is an understatement.

I can’t wait to work with people on planning life changing events. I will be dabbling in cake making and photography — one stop shop is what I like to call it. Baking has always just been a hobby, but you hear all the time you need to love what you do and someone the other day said grab a hold of what you love and go for it, so here I go…..