Every year we as people set out to better ourselves and we set the bar high, this year I am setting it lower.  I have such high expectations for myself and others that I feel in year 2018 lower expectations means less stress.  Saying NO more, simplifying.  I realized a few days after Christmas that 75% of my time is spent picking up stuff.  And I sat and asked myself why?  Less is supposed to be more, so why do we have so much more than we need….Goal for this year decrease our stuff….Now this is not going to be easy as I am just as guilty of wanting more, but wanting more doesn’t have to mean wanting just stuff. It means wanting stress free days, clutter free rooms, easier wardrobes.  I am starting with my kids….they have a mound of stuff that is unused and untouched….these things will go in a box for 3-6 weeks and if they have no mention of it – donation pile!

Overwhelming choices is over-stimulating for all of us.  If we had less choices it would free up time for more important things…time with family, a trip to the park, more time out with friends and my favorite less picking up.

Start small, pick a room..If you feel overwhelmed with the process step back and breathe.  I plan on doing a lot of breathing this year.  Good Luck to your New Year, New Goal plans.  Stick with them and don’t give up.