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Our Journey

Up-Cycle Time

May 21st, 2019|Renovation|

During any renovation project big or small one must find ways to save. Save, money; save, time; or my personal favorite save something old and make it new again. This week is all about getting creative with the budget so that means we must save time, money and all the old items we can and UP-CYCLE. We have uncovered so many amazing things along ... read more

Renovation Update

May 15th, 2019|Renovation|

Progress often measured on how we are feeling in regards to a goal we are trying to reach — deflation often felt when that goal seems out of reach. The last several weeks have been less progressive than most. We have had some set backs and some weeks where we have not even stepped through the beautiful Oak doors. But sometimes when we are ... read more

Past, Present, and Future

March 27th, 2019|Renovation|

Built almost 200 years ago stands the historical Rowell’s Inn located in the village of Simonsville, Vermont. Rowell’s Inn has served as a stagecoach stop between the towns of Londonderry, Weston, and Chester. It included a post office, a general store, and most recently an inn which closed in 2012. The present state of the inn is very concerning to most who drive by ... read more

New Year, New Goals

January 3rd, 2018|Family|

Every year we as people set out to better ourselves and we set the bar high, this year I am setting it lower.  I have such high expectations for myself and others that I feel in year 2018 lower expectations means less stress.  Saying NO more, simplifying.  I realized a few days after Christmas that 75% of my time is spent picking up stuff.  And ... read more


December 15th, 2017|Baking|

So several weeks ago I was in search for the perfect cake recipe... I love a nice rich, soft and delicious cake.  I have tried so many recipes and its hard to find that perfect one so I set out on a mission to find the right ingredients for the job - I tried several different combinations - butter, milk and sour cream - ... read more

Time at the Lake

August 7th, 2017|Family|

It has been awhile since I have posted anything - life has taken control this summer and I have clearly not allotted anytime for my blog.... One of our favorite things to do as a family in the summer is go camping at Summerset - this years trip was nothing short of a good time. Montana being the fish she is never missed a beat ... read more


June 19th, 2017|Family|

This past weekend was full of celebration.... Early surprises for Montana who turns 8 this coming weekend, a baseball BBQ to end Flood Brooks great season, Father's Day of Course, but my personal favorite, my hubby and I celebrated 11 wonderful years of marriage. We went back to it all started and bought grinders at Clark's and went 4-wheeling to an amazing place where we ... read more


June 2nd, 2017|Family|

As I sit here to try and write this post that I have been writing in my head for weeks now I am at a loss...These past few weeks have been so busy that my thoughts have taken over and I have had little time to write them down on paper, so here goes nothing - Perspective...... It comes when you are questioning everything and ... read more

Family Matters

March 21st, 2017|Family|

As life travels along and the kids get older you start to think where has the time gone? How did they get this big; in what seems like a blink of an eye.  When they were little and they would have sleepless nights I would think it will only last a little bit and then they will sleep though the night - is this where ... read more

Because its SNOWING…..

March 14th, 2017|Family|

Today is what I would like to call a snuggle on the couch, while eating cookies because its snowing kind of day!!! Actually I would go more with it's a BLIZZARD out there.  Hope all of you are staying warm and are cozy at home. We took the time this morning to sleep in late, make a big hearty breakfast and bake St. Patrick's Day ... read more

Achieving Goals

March 12th, 2017|Family|

As I begin my Saturday morning run I begin to ponder all of the past weeks successes and what the future weeks have in store for me.  At about mile 3 I begin to feel tired and want to stop, but say to myself, "I am not at my goal for the day".  Its at this very moment I begin to process the last few weeks ... read more

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