Our Story

Hello! We are Jared, Christina, Dakota, Landon, Montana and Dominic.

Together we are the SMITH FAMILY!

Jared was born and raised in South Londonderry, Vermont. He attended Burr and Burton Academy and graduated in 2000. He continued his education with an electrical trade but soon realized he loved being outside and went into heavy equipment operation and logging. He started his self-employment path back in 2011 with Smith’s Property Maintenance.

Christina was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was raised between Alaska, Vermont, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. She permanently landed in Vermont back in 2004 where she continued her education at CCV while working in customer service at a real estate agency. Christina holds an associate’s degree in business management and currently works in finance. She is also the owner of 4 Kids & a Baker.

Dakota was born and raised in Vermont and is currently a junior at Burr and Burton Academy. He has has found a new passion for cooking in the kitchen. He enjoys driving his truck, hunting with his dad, and dirt biking. While he is not attending school, he helps with the logging operations.

Landon is eleven and enjoys playing Fortnite, as do most kids his age. He loves cooking — eggs are his specialty. He recently participated in Vermont Jr. Iron Chef. Landon also likes to hunt and ride his four-wheeler.

Montana is nine and loves all animals but especially horses. She is a great artist and is a master of baking chocolate chip cookies. You will always find her playing something creative and fun. Montana’s new passion is excavators and she would like to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a volunteer firefighter.

Dominic is three and is a heavy machine operator — on plastic machines only. Playing in the dirt is what he does best. He also loves to be in the kitchen as mommy’s little helper — or taster.

Together, we enjoy camping, kayaking, exploring, and laughing.

As a unit, we are the new owners of the very old and historic Rowell’s Inn. Each of us will be playing a very important role in this very large project. We work well together and we are very hands-on as a family. I believe that it is of the utmost importance to show our children that with work and dedication, anything is possible.

As always, dream big!

The Smith Family
Photo by Shawn Cunningham / The Chester Telegraph
Jared and Christina Smith
The Smith Family