Built almost 200 years ago stands the historical Rowell’s Inn located in the village of Simonsville, Vermont. Rowell’s Inn has served as a stagecoach stop between the towns of Londonderry, Weston, and Chester. It included a post office, a general store, and most recently an inn which closed in 2012. The present state of the inn is very concerning to most who drive by and see the deteriorating three story porch which has began to detach from the main brick building. The beauty of this building has been rapidly decreasing with the absence of upkeep and maintenance.

Last year while actively looking for bakery locations, it was brought to our attention that the Rowell’s Inn was up for sale. The night we looked at the space, I had my reservations — how can we fit this project into our already busy lives? It was in that moment I saw my husband fall in love again, but I was still on the fence. I left the inn that night pondering and weighing the pros and cons as I often do. My husband, on the other hand, was 100% in. I took the next few days to daydream and imagine all it could be and it was at a stop light — where I have had more than one aha moment — “I am in, all in, let’s do this!” This is our future! We always wanted to own a B&B, although we thought this would happen once our four children had graduated high school. Well, let’s just say no better time than the present, right?!

The future is clear: we will restore the porch and renovate the inside spaces to accommodations for 8 guests, an on-site bakery 4 Kids and a Baker and a Bar/Pub, while keeping all of the antique charm and history intact.

We plan on having a “history wall” dedicated to all stories — both past and present — in hopes that future guests will feel the immediate friendship.

Come as guests … leave as friends.