Progress often measured on how we are feeling in regards to a goal we are trying to reach — deflation often felt when that goal seems out of reach.

The last several weeks have been less progressive than most. We have had some set backs and some weeks where we have not even stepped through the beautiful Oak doors. But sometimes when we are questioning progress things just take form and happen. With this said, We were given the opportunity to purchase additional kitchen and bar equipment which will allow us to expand our bar and restaurant menu. We also had good news come through on our electrical updates which will allow us to keep moving forward, which is very much the direction all of us are trying to go.

On Sunday we began by removing the window in the kitchen in order to install the gas range and bakers oven. We have been working hard in the yard as there are years worth of leaves and debris to clear in order for grass to grow. Positive note, the flowers are blooming and the grass has made an appearance even with the late snow we got. The porch area is still a troublesome area, but I have faith that this will work out. I plan on putting our rental bathroom back together and painting the rental living room a fresh farmhouse white. We will begin framing in fire doors and moving forward with other repairs. We finally got around to installing a new side door which leads into the kitchen area; no more blue tarp! We will be putting fresh sheet-rock up behind the check-in area which will be painted in chalkboard paint for all memories to be documented for years to come and for years passed. If you have any memories you would like to share now please comment below. I love to hear all about the stories that the Rowell’s Inn Keeps.

We encourage folks to swing by and look at what we are up to. For those of you unable to stop I will be updating photos weekly. Before and afters are my favorite because in the midst of feeling deflated there is usually something good that results.