I know, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted any updates.  LIFE!!! Between work, kids and renovations, there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

We have been making amazing progress at the inn.  We are almost ready to show it off.

We have completed the reception and bar areas.

Our menus came today for review and the photographer has taken photos of the inn rooms.

The front deck is almost done and it is stunning {thanks for all the honks!!} 

The last several weeks have been trying to say the least.  Everyone I know asks me how I can make this project happen with all the other things I have going on? The truth, I have absolutely no idea how I do it, I just do.  I pray a lot and ask for signs – are we going to be able to make it through this? Are we making the right choice for our family? Am I strong enough? TRUTH – I gave up a few weeks ago, I am not perfect – things don’t always go the right way and sometimes it all happens at once.  I have never been one to back down and accept defeat but sometimes….  I have a strong person in my life, my husband – he has helped in so many ways and I hope he knows how much I appreciate his hard work and dedication to the success of  this large dream of mine.

I have to admit that on the days I feel like giving up the most on this pro ject someone reaches out with inspiration and it sincerely is what has keep us going.

We are so proud of this project and could not be more grateful to everyone that has helped along this incredibly fun, hard, terrifying journey.