https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyIhRNPCNiw   We hope this post finds you ALL well.  These past few weeks have been a challenge to say the very least.  While we are all finding our "new norm" please remember we are all in this together.  We are all working through this mess. Before all of this started we opened our doors strong with so much support and love.  We will be ... read more

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Renovations are winding down at the Rowell's Inn and the anticipation is getting the best of us all.  Our children are so ready to be done with this project and as tired as Jared and I both are we are feeling them.  We are hoping that the first floor finishing touches will go quickly once sheetrock is completed in the bar and kitchen {just a ... read more

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Renovation Update

Progress often measured on how we are feeling in regards to a goal we are trying to reach — deflation often felt when that goal seems out of reach. The last several weeks have been less progressive than most. We have had some set backs and some weeks where we have not even stepped through the beautiful Oak doors. But sometimes when we are ... read more

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The Hats we Wear…

Mom, dad, employee, boss, sister, brother, spouse, friend, business owner, chef, baker, renovator, where do we find the time? How do we succeed? How do we keep it all straight? I often hear “how do you do it ALL?” but the question I often ask myself is “How do I NOT?”  The many hats we wear daily can be stressful yet beautiful.  How can we ... read more

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