With our not-set-in stone “opening date” soon approaching there is no rest for us.  We have been working days at our normal jobs and working nights on the renovations to keep things on track.  There has been amazing progress on the front porch.  The guys found an amazing old sign under all the exterior trim work dating back to 1889 – the history here is unreal.

My new office is almost ready for paint, hopefully this weekend.  The main bathroom for restaurant guests is framed and ready for sheetrock.  Tuesday night we were able to place the old bar and stools back in there original space; if only the stools could talk.

The outside gardens have bloomed so wonderfully and the parking lot also got a face-lift.

This upcoming week we will begin sheetrock in the kitchen and who knows maybe some flooring.  The work will continue upstairs and I will continue to post updated photos. We have one space that is close to being done which is exciting, as I am ready to begin the decorating process.

Until next time, working on three cake orders!!