Mom, dad, employee, boss, sister, brother, spouse, friend, business owner, chef, baker, renovator, where do we find the time? How do we succeed? How do we keep it all straight? I often hear “how do you do it ALL?” but the question I often ask myself is “How do I NOT?”  The many hats we wear daily can be stressful yet beautiful.  How can we measure the importance of it all? As my family and I renovate the large Rowell’s Inn {with no end in sight some days} I am reminded daily the struggle it can cause to be the renovator while still being mom, spouse and friend {plus all the other hats in there}.  Trust me it is not always easy to stay positive while renovating commercially as everything is hurry up and wait.  Honestly some days the balance finds us and other days we have to find it, but the key is to have it.

Within our home lies the balance. We must learn to leave certain hats at the door and put on the ones that truly matter, no matter which hat that is.

Balance; trust and faith are key


Love is where the most important hats are kept and that to me is @home