During any renovation project big or small one must find ways to save. Save, money; save, time; or my personal favorite save something old and make it new again. This week is all about getting creative with the budget so that means we must save time, money and all the old items we can and UP-CYCLE.

We have uncovered so many amazing things along our renovation journey. One of my favorites “beams” lots and lots of old wooden beams. Unfortunately some of these have to be covered up, but the ones that can be left exposed will severe as a beautiful extra feature to the wall in which they lie. There are some amazing hand hewed beams that will be left exposed in the upstairs apartment and one along the door frame of the side entry door that also has exposed brick, another one of my favorites.

Here some other great ideas we have come up with: A wall was removed in the main floor bakery entrance and all the paneling will now become the surround for the claw-foot tub in our soon to be apartment, the old boards that once were a staircase will now find a home on the bathroom ceiling. I will of course repaint and clean them to give a fresh look. The kids and I removed old nails from some old barn beams which will now serve for a rustic look in one of the second floor bathrooms. I will re-purposed a darker much older piece into a bath runner to set across one of the antique tubs for a relaxing intimate space. We uncovered some cool hexagon tiles outside in the old patio area; 4 of them to be exact, these will find a new home inside surrounded by the handprints of our 4 children. Many of the old doors will be re-purposed throughout the inn. I am thinking of using one of them for a photo collage to display old photos of the inn back in 1820. You may even find some of them in the garden. And one of the old doors will be hung for the serving side of the kitchen that will have stenciled the words “Good Eats and Sweet Treats”. We have decided to incorporate the old bar into the new bar and we will also be keeping the 3 stools in place that have been there for years past. The old reception desk with get some new updates and of course the post office box will stay in its original place.


When taking on a project of this size one must be able to become creative and think outside the conventional box. Creating a warm welcoming space while still incorporating all the old features is on of my main goals for this project. It is very exciting to take something with so much character and charm and display it with new purpose and meaning.

I encourage you all to find an old possession and give it new perspective.

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