It has been way too long since I last posted, we are talking maybe a year or more….WOW, how things changed….OPENING to CLOSING to back at it again.  We opened our doors in Feb of 2020 and closed them shortly thereafter because of the COVID outbreak.  We sat awake at night thinking “what great timing”. But no one and I mean no one was prepared for that year.  We saw businesses around us close and we worried each and everyday if we were going to make it through…We were scared (just like the world). We had just put over a year into renovations and our doors were closed.  Months into the pandemic we were finally able to provide just take out food, but do you know how upsetting it is to put food in a box and send it out the door? I do!! I cried most nights because my vision was not what my reality was. I wanted the food to go out on a plate surrounded by laughter and loudness and people.  PEOPLE oh how we missed the people.  You never know how alone you feel until there are no people around to share the joy with. Provided several long months of barley making it we hit what we thought may be the ending, but nope not by a long shot. We still had many hurdles to jump, but guess what? jumping is what we did and now let me tell you we are TIRED.

Jared and I cook, we handle most of the maintenance (well Jared does anyway), we prep, we order, we take care of all the bed and breakfast guests… We literally do the start to finish here at the Inn. We love it all and we have became a part of the 200 year old history of this beautiful building and that is something to be proud of. We have finally gotten the joy of people back and the laughter that comes from the bar brightens our day.  The first few weeks we were back we would stop and look at one another and just enjoy the sound of people.  The talking, the stories, the fun.  We love you all so much, without all the love and support that all you show for us we would not have made it through one of the hardest times.

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU and to let you followers know I will be posting weekly going forward..Please join me in this journey.  I will be sharing information about the Inn and upcoming events (FUN); Family Stuff (homeschooling, how I manage our family stuff and work and life); Recipes (both cooking and baking); and much, much more.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or just enjoy the read 🙂